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Hot Mix Yogais a combination of classic standing and floor asanas, breathing exercises, and functional, free-body exercises, done in a heated and humidified room.  The classroom climate, or weather, is a tool to aid the body in warming up from the inside out, allowing for deeper assumption of postures, quicker, while at the same time, stimulating the body's natural perspiratory mechanism, thereby detoxifying the body through the skin. 

Try our "Primal OM©" class, which emphasizes primal-aligned movement and yoga, and our "OMShaunT©" class, which is 30 minutes of HIIT (high intensity interval training), using free-body exercises, and 30 minutes of yoga. Both styles are suitable for adults of all fitness levels. 

What Else?

Arrive: 10 minutes prior to class & hydrated
Bring: mat & towel (though we provide one), water, change of clothes
Wear: fitted and stretchy clothing (least amount of clothing in which you are comfortable...seriously!)
Prepare: abstain from eating 2 hrs prior; drink plenty of water

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