Hot Mix Yoga™ is beginner level yoga; a child of the Bishnu Ghosh lineage (www.ghoshyoga.com), founded and developed by ReBeca Drury, native San Antonian, Naturopath, and Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor, in response to a growing demand for challenging hot yoga with variety and time efficiency.  HMY combines yoga postures with functional, free-body exercises to create an excellent wellness outcome.  Based on her over 17 years of practice of many yoga traditions, from Kundalini in the early years, to Hatha Flow, Power Yoga, Ashtanga, Bikram, and Vinyasa, and over 10 years of teaching yoga, she has formatted Hot Mix Yoga™ to meet the needs of all.


In addition to her yoga experience, ReBeca Drury, B.S., M.A., N.D., is an INSANITY Pro Team Certified Instructor, is certified by ANCB as a Certified Traditional Naturopath, and is a Certified Primal Blueprint Expert.  She also is a Premier Research Labs Level III QRA practitioner (Quantum Reflex Analysis).  While in training at Bikram's Yoga College of India, she received the highly coveted "Yogini" Award, equivalent to a class Valedictorian.  ReBeca started teaching exercise and aerobic dance at age 17, after graduating from high school. She ran Track and Field and was the Head Cheerleader at The University of Texas at San Antonio during undergraduate studies.  She went on to teach Physical Education and coach Track and Field, with champions to her credit, and has decades of experience in performance, health, and fitness education.  Visit her Facebook pages: Hot Mix Yoga, and Natural Health Center SA - which provides natural health consultation, including education in nutrition, health, longevity, fitness, yoga, and social and environmental health news. Contact ReBeca for a private consultation in natural health and/or yoga and fitness.

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